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Student Life

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UC Davis is a top tier academic institution...but it is so much more than that. If all you do at UC Davis is take classes and study then you are missing out on the richness and diversity of opportunity that make our world class campus at UC Davis one-of-a-kind.

The Redwood SEED Scholars Program is a student-centered program that encourages, supports and guides the student in having life experiences socially. An independent adulthood includes friendships, relationships and involvement in activities and organizations that are meaningful for that individual. Our program works to build social opportunities in the areas of interest for the Redwood SEED Scholars. 

With over 800 clubs and organizations on campus, there is an abundance of options for the Redwood SEED Scholars to get involved. Take a look at some of the choices.

Our Social Mentors are degree-seeking students at UC Davis who have been trained and will work to build and increase independent living skills for the Redwood SEED Scholars through social interaction with same-age peers. They help to facilitate participation in clubs and activities on campus. They work directly with the students, teaching them how to navigate campus, reach out to organizations, participate in the organization in their area of interest and support them through the process of becoming a full participating member of the group. These social opportunities can develop into organic friendships and allow the Redwood SEED Scholars to explore the richness of diverse social opportunities and offerings available at UC Davis in a supported way.

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On Campus: UC Davis Ecological Garden

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