redwood seed student


Admissions will open in January 2022 for the 12 student cohort for Fall of 2022. 

Application Process

The Redwood SEED Scholars Program application is online and includes:

  • An application
  • A Skill Survey filled out by BOTH the applicant and the parents/guardians separately
  • Documentation of an intellectual disability - this is usually included in the Psychological Evaluation, the IEP or Triennial. We want any behavioral, educational or psychological evaluation that we can have. This allows us to understand the student's needs and strengths. 
    • We must have documentation of an intellectual disability or the application will not be forwarded for review.
  • Two recommenders - one from an educational setting and one from a work or volunteer setting - they will also fill out the Skill Inventory and share their insights in a form. Only two are allowed.No family members may be a recommender.

Every application will be reviewed by at least two different highly-qualified reviewers.


Interview and Acceptance

  • Students who are identified as a good fit with the Redwood SEED Scholars Program will be offered an interview.
  • Students who are the most prepared to succeed in the program will be given admission. Four other candidates will be on the waitlist.