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The UC Davis Redwood SEED Scholars Program is seeking campus professors who are interested in collaborating in teaching, in research and in identifying best practices in Higher Education for all students, including those with intellectual disabilities.

In a partnership with some UC Davis School of Education professors, a Universal Design for Learning Teaching module is being created for how to implement proven, evidence-based best practices of UDL instruction into higher education. Those who complete this professional development will then be given a certificate of professional development hours and acknowledgement of an increased skill set. In addition, the professors will receive a symbol they can use on their syllabi and on their office door to indicate that they are welcoming to diverse learners.


Large Intro Courses

Do you teach one of the UC Davis large intro courses that many first year students take?

We are looking to partner with you!

Our UC Davis Redwood SEED Scholars will be auditing UC Davis courses in their area of interest. Our first audited course that all of our Redwood SEED Scholars will be taking is Nutrition 10. Professor Debbie Fetter has agreed to be our first audited course. 

Her course is widely loved and often voted one of the best at UC Davis. She even won the Best Of Virtual Award in 2020!

Debbie is devoted to making her content accessible to everyone and uses Universal Design for Learning principles in her course.

We are looking for other professors who teach large intro courses to partner with us to weave in Universal Design for Learning Principles into their core course and welcome the Redwood SEED Scholars.

If you are interested, please contact Beth Foraker at


Inside Look 

The Redwood SEED Scholars Program is building what we call Inside Look courses for the First-Year Seminar Series and we are looking for campus professors to partner with us.

Inside Look courses are courses that are for both UC Davis Redwood SEED Scholars and degree-seeking UC Davis students. These courses are 1 unit courses designed through the First-Year Seminar Portal that will give students an “Inside Look” at one industry.

Partnering with a UC Davis Professor, an industry leader will build a ten week course giving an “Inside Look” into their business. At the end of the course, one Redwood SEED Scholar and one degree-seeking undergraduate student from UC Davis will be offered a paid internship. The vision is an inclusive opportunity for students to learn deeply about an industry with industry expertise in collaboration with academic expertise in that industry. 

The Inside Look courses offer a unique opportunity for students to learn about an industry and then have an opportunity to work within that industry. The goal is employment opportunities that are integrated, scaffolded and supported for everyone.

The following Inside Look courses are in development:

  • An Inside Look at a Fortune 500 Company 
  • An Inside Look at a Large Non-Profit 
  • An Inside Look at Hospitals 
  • An Inside Look at Media 
  • An Inside Look at Politics 
  • An Inside Look At Public Safety 
  • An Inside Look at Small Business 
  • An Inside Look at Agriculture
  • An Inside Look at the Wine Industry 
  • An Inside Look at Hospitality
  • An Inside Look at Tech 
  • An Inside Look at Grief, Loss and Resiliency 

If you are an industry representative that is interested in partnering with us, please reach out.

If you are a UC Davis professor with expertise in any of these areas, please reach out.

We have an extra stipend the Redwood SEED Scholars Program will add IN ADDITION to the stipend for First-Year Seminars.

Collaboration, Innovation and Inclusion are the hallmarks of the Inside Look courses and we look forward to their launch!

Inside Look First-Year Seminar Opportunity for UC Davis Professors