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UC Davis Courses

Marcela Radtke
Nutrition PhD Candidate - Marcela Radtke - was the Redwood SEED Scholar TA for Nutrition 10.

In addition to the Foundational Classes, the Redwood SEED Scholars will begin UC Davis courses during Winter Quarter of their first year. The first course will be Nutrition 10, with Professor Debbie Fetter and TA Marcela Radtke. This is an entry level course that most UC Davis students take. It develops an understanding of the importance of nutrition and overall healthy decisions that young adults can make to influence their lives. 

It is repeatedly voted one of the best classes to take at UC Davis. We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to the Redwood SEED Scholars.

Nutrition 10 gave the Redwood SEED Scholars the knowledge and autonomy to practice making healthful food and lifestyle choices. As an instructor working with the UC Davis Redwood SEED Scholars, I gained invaluable teaching skills related to course adaptation and accommodations for various types of learners, but even more encouraging were the neurotypical students benefiting from the questions asked by the scholars, the peer-to-peer interactions, and the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the SEED Scholars in Nutrition 10. 

Marcela Radtke, Redwood SEED Scholar TA for Nutrition 10

In Spring Quarter, the Redwood SEED Scholars will take one UC Davis course in their area of interest. This will be based on the student’s Person-Centered Plan that is developed in Fall Quarter with family and faculty and the student’s voice at the center. 

Each quarter thereafter, the Redwood SEED Scholar will choose an course in their area of concentration.

Some of the courses our Redwood SEED Scholars are taking, or have taken in the past, include: 

  • HMR1: Human Wrongs/Human Rights
  • HDE 140: Laboratory in Early Childhood
  • ART 12: Beginning Video
  • ENT 10: Natural History of Insects
  • AMS 1E: Nature and Culture in America
  • ART 007: Beginning Painting
  • AAS 10: African-American Culture & Society
  • CHI 10: Intro to Chicana/o Studies
  • AMS 30: Images of America and Americans
  • NUT 10: Discoveries and Concepts in Nutrition

Academic mentors will provide support and guidance to the Redwood SEED Scholars in their courses as needed.

Dr. Eleftheria Arapoglou - American Studies Professor
Dr. Eleftheria Arapoglou - American Studies Professor - welcomed some Redwood SEED Scholars into AMS 10.

Senior year, Redwood SEED Scholars will work on a Capstone Project in their area of concentration. They will begin to consider projects in their Sophomore year and look to understand a need or a problem within their community that needs to be addressed. They will research, interview and plan a solution and craft it into a capstone project to be presented prior to graduation.