Students as Teachers

The following story was highlighted in the Think College Annual Report of the Cohort 3 TPSID Model Demonstration Projects, it can be found on page 12.

In October, two students from the UC Davis Redwood Seeds Scholars program, Cristina Riegos and Ryan Fitch, were invited to speak to 150 first year medical school students at UC Davis about medical equity for people with Down Syndrome. Cristina and Ryan were welcomed by Dr. Hana Anderson, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine in the School of Medicine. Working with Dr. Anderson, Cristina and Ryan shared their stories of growth and living, as well as sharing any medical needs they might have. Together, the group learned about the medical model of disability and the social model of disability and discussed the ways medical schools and medicine could grow in awareness about the needs and expertise of people with Down Syndrome, and people with intellectual disabilities more broadly. An exciting cross collaboration has happened because of that talk. Three first year medical students have become mentors to the Redwood SEED Scholars and will begin in Winter Quarter. Bridging the learning of all students and making connections that rarely happen is a possibility with inclusive college programs.

The UC Davis Redwood SEED Scholars Program, which launched this fall with 11 students, is the first four-year, residential, inclusive college program for students with intellectual disabilities in the state of California.